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‎11-22-2010 04:40 AM - edited ‎11-22-2010 04:41 AM

it was bed time as i was reading this, but i wasnt tired yet so i wrote a plugin for ACT 2011 that will do what you want


download and unzip this file and place the dll file into the ACT install plugin path (will be something like C:\Program Files\ACT\Act for Windows\Plugins)

Download Plugin File (Zipped)


all it does it add the Contact count for the selected company as text to the toolbar in both Detail and List views





on ‎11-24-2010 02:13 AM

Hi Ozie,


Thanks so much but I think maybe I didn't explain myself very well as what I'm looking for is to be able to see how many companies are included in the lookup.

 - If you work with contacts & did a lookup on say everyone with an ID / Status of Prospect you could see at a glance that you have 75 prospects, or whatever it is.

I'd like to do the same with Companies, so if I'm using that as my main view & do a lookup to show only those companies with an ID / Status of prospect (or whatever it is I'm looking up) I can see how many companies fall into that category.


Really sorry you've spent time doing something that wasn't what I wanted, but thanks again for your efforts,



on ‎11-24-2010 03:51 AM

not a problem.. took me no time to whip up.. someone might have been looking for something like it

on ‎08-23-2011 03:49 AM

Can you please upload that plugin again? Smiley Happy Thanks

on ‎03-18-2013 01:59 PM

I am having problems downloading the link. Can you make the link available again? Thank you!