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on ‎02-04-2011 02:01 AM

Once again Mary - check out the Durkin Computing Add-Ons for the functionality they offer to enhance your basic ACT! views.

on ‎02-04-2011 08:49 AM

I am aware of the add on from Durkin, thank you. However, the ACT version I just "upgraded" from had all of the features I am asking for, without the add on. So it is a bit frustrating to pay a for new software that doesn't have the features the old one did. And, then to have the suggested fix to be to buy more software. I do appreciate you trying to help me though, Thank you.

by Copper Contributor
on ‎02-10-2011 03:52 PM

I was never aware of a method for sorting the calendar.  The task list yes, calendar no.  But I am interested in how you did it and what version were you referring to that had that capability.? thanks

on ‎02-10-2011 03:59 PM

I used version 6. And, perhaps I gave a missimpression. I did not sort it, it defaulted the way I mention. Appointments at a specific time first then high, med, low priority items.

on ‎08-24-2011 01:58 PM

maryhampton5 is corrected - The Calendar in ACT! v6 displayed the timed events first in a priority sort (High first/top, Medium next, Low next) followed by the timeless events such as those events rolled over from the previous day(s).


According to ACT technical support - This sort option as disabled and no longer an option in ACT! Version 2005 and later versions.


I find this to be most strange - you would think with each year's version release Sage would improve upon the features not discontinue them.


I personally find this shortcoming annoying and renders the calendar event list useless. I have over 30 tasks that roll over every day so the top of the events list is filled with all the "NONE" timeless to-do events (the least important) at the top while the timed calls and meetings for the day are buried at the bottom of the list. Not very convenient.


Again, ACT! v6 know how to display the calendar event. Why can we not be given an option to sort the calendar events on the calendar list under the mini monthly calendar in the right column?