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on ‎06-17-2009 11:00 AM

To expand on Field Security.

I'd like the means to perform Global changes from defined fields by selecting multiple fields in the list to set the teams and/or users to a Full-Control, Read-Only, No-Access rather than going down the list for each field than selecting Field Security ect.


Why I want:

Because I do a few DB export import and Save-Empty Copy DB all that require Full Control and than go back to Read-Only for selected fields so users can't change the data in the fields.

on ‎06-29-2009 01:02 AM

Ability to restrict the editing of notes & history to the "Record Manager"     

Allow anyone to create new notes but not edit existing notes, 
Reason: To prevent reps from overwritting, modifiing eachothers notes and history, while allowingn them to add to or comment on the existing notes (must work just like how IM i.e. MSN or Skype works. you can't go in and change the conent, date and time of other peoples notes)

Ability to restrict the changing of the (Note & History time stamp)
Reason - as this allows reps to back date notes and history.

on ‎06-29-2009 08:19 AM


Found the setting to prevent editing of Notes & History but it has limitations.
Tools > Preferences > (Allow History Editing)  / (Allow Notes Editing)

1) I would like to see this as a global setting, not having to logon to each users PC to set it. The setting is stored in the .ALF file not even in the registry so I can't use a group policy to role out the setting.

2) Allow more granular to allow editing of "My Notes" allowing the creator/owner of the note to edit their own note and no one else.

3) Allow you to modify Design layout of default layouts like Notes (I'd like to remove the ability for a rep to date/time stamp at their choosing, Date/Time stamps should be set for auditability.