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by Nickel Elite Contributor
on ‎02-18-2014 04:56 AM

I don't think this would be bad as an option but I would not want it as the default.  Often times users will clear activities after they happen - go to a meeting in the afternoon, return to the office in the morning, clear the activity.  Currently Act! accounts for this in that when you clear an activity after the scheduled date/time, the resulting history defaults to the scheduled date/time.  This is in contrast to clearing an activity before it is scheduled, in which case it would show the current date/time instead of the scheduled date/time.  

on ‎02-18-2014 05:27 AM

agreed, so actually then its bests if you can chose whether it corrects to the date is cleared or remains as the date its scheudled, that woudl be a better options.  if it does allow this selection does anyone know where I can find it???