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on ‎02-23-2011 10:59 AM

One of the issues with doing this is that it can't be done as an export across the web due to the large amount of data. It would need to be done at the server side and downloaded as a CSV.


This also has a number of security implicastions that would need to be addressed ... like sending the data in a clear CSV file over the internet that could be read  by another user.


Mike Lazarus
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GL Computing, Australia

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on ‎02-23-2011 11:04 AM

I'm not sure I see the difference in the amount of data whether you do it in excel or plain text.  Even so, putting size restrictions on the number of records that could be exported at one time would be more helpful than not being able to do it at all.  


As for the security implications, it's not an issue if you use SSL (which we do).