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by Gold Contributor
on ‎03-20-2018 02:19 AM

Good idea, should be there.


However, keep in mind that these things are often more complicated than it first seems.

Just having the ability to change the currency symbol is straight forward and a good idea. Once you want to use the currency exchange rate it starts to become more difficult.

For example...

Who is going to update the exchange rate? How often?

If you create an Opportunity for a quote at one exchange rate and the order arrived three months later when the exchange rate has changed, what exchange rate are you going to use to book the order? Nothing insurmountable, but needs a little thought to implement.


In the meantime, until it's available in the standard Act! product, the Seamless Opportunities Foundation add-on does provide this function.


by Nickel Contributor
on ‎03-20-2018 02:24 AM

Thanks I'll have a look at Seamless Opportunities.