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on ‎05-06-2010 01:51 PM
You can do this from the Task List without having to use a calendar lookup. Just apply date, type and user filters to see your specific activities, then sort the activities by the scheduled time. Click Options in the right corner of the task list and choose Customize Columns to add more detail to the list.
on ‎06-03-2010 08:25 PM

From the task list I can sort by date then when I switch views to contact detail the sort is switched to alphabetical order. In version 2005 sort order would stay the same.


Is there away around this?

on ‎06-14-2010 09:54 PM

Can one run a report from the task list and still have the contacts in order of appointment time?


Darrell Stimson

Wood Wizard 

on ‎08-17-2011 06:13 PM


I noticed your post that failed to get a response because today I was looking up the same issue.

Why can't I sort in Contact List View by Schedule Task Date/Time that was possible in ACT-6 2005.


Correct this is no longer possible in at least 2010-2012Beta


An ACC said it was not a listed feature so technical Sage did not remove something they should have left there. In any case still very important for you to create a new Share Idea post if the other ACT user does not beat you to it because it was a good productive method using in ACT.