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on ‎02-15-2019 11:30 AM

I can't event get letters to run at all.


Very disappointed in Act! right now.  I started with ACT! 1 Boy have things changed and not so much for the better.   I finally upgraded from act 7 to 17 2 years ago (wasn't happy with changes made from 8 on) and it's been do many issues.


1. after 2 years of working fine, now when I try to schedule and activity series (that I've done for years using Chrome) no it no longer works.  I have to go on the "master: and only do it from there.  They claim it's a chrome issue.


Never have been able to get a task schedule to actually send a letter.  


I don't use IE or Edge but they won't make things work better on Chrome.  

So many issues since Sage took over.