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on ‎02-10-2020 07:22 AM

It is hard to rely on tech support when tech support doesn't know the product or have access to a more senior tech when he can't find the answer.


I was on the phone with a support tech when I asked how to do a lookup under the Campaign Results.  


The tech said that's not possible because it is just columns and is not searchable data.  I challenged him with a question regarding the Campaign Results being data shared from AMA back to the contact.  No response to that.


The good news is that the Campaign Results are completely searchable with the added convenience of organization.


Independently from my call with Tech Support, Gandhi replied to a support eMail I had sent with the following:
"... you would like to know about creating [a lookup] of campaign results . "
You can go to Lookup >> Advanced Query >> Dropdown on Type >> Select Campaign Results.  I think all the fields are there.  For example if you want to do a lookup of contacts for bounced emails, choose bounced email equal to true and it will create look up of all bounced emails.
When in the Campaign Results tab, you can also drag column heading to group the results.  
So, this request falls under HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT.
Thank you Gandhi for the follow up.   



by Copper Elite Contributor
‎06-04-2020 01:08 PM - edited ‎06-04-2020 01:10 PM

The best way to manage your AMA send lists and results is to use Groups. If you're using AMA and not familiar with Dynamic-type groups, I'd suggest learning them sooner than later.  We offer classes to help with searches, creating send lists, etc. so feel free to contact us.


Groups allow you to do more advanced searches even than Advanced Queries.  For example, you can lookup data based on data in various tables in Act!


Give me contacts with an open Opportunity, where I'm the contact Record Manager, where the ID/Status is prospect, and where someone opened or clicked on an AMA email campaign.  The end result is going to be a list of contacts that meet all those requirements. 


You could then use the  "Create Lookup" option to pull those query results in the Contacts List View.  There, you can start scheduling follow-ups with them or viewing information in more depth contact by contact.


Kelly Solomon
AspenTech CRM
Act! Certified Consultants

Act! MaaS Certified Consultants
Swiftpage Business Partner - Diamond Level
866-880-4ACT (4228)


on ‎06-04-2020 02:31 PM

Thanks for the added input, Kelly.


While eMail marketing is not new to me, using a product like AMA is new, and like a lot of things in ACT, the instructions leave a lot to be desired.


Maybe one day I'll reach out to you, but being an active ACT user since 1985 my only problems is retrieving what I've forgotten or not thinking of alternate ways to get done what I'm trying to do.


Regarding your last point and believe it or not, I'm having a problem getting the users to use activity scheduling.  They would rather work from a group.  


Many thanks for your help.


on ‎09-08-2020 09:27 AM

Thank you very much @KellySolomon sir, it really helped me go with the valuable information mylowes but can I try to group the AMAs individually.

on ‎11-06-2020 01:15 AM

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