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on ‎04-19-2018 10:12 AM

It's nice to see I am not the only person wishing the Template Manager had more capability, Daniel.


I just joined this "community" because it seems there is no one-on-one interaction readily available with anyone in the pipeline to developers - let alone the developers themselves. I have a long list of issues with the "manager" and am curious whether any of them have affected your template management as well ...


 a) center-aligned shifts left - even though it looks centered in the editor
b) colors can be added but not deleted - adding is HARDLY intuitive!
c) new text in a block starts out and/or reverts to centered even after left-justification
d) bullets can only be colored in the most BIZARRE manner!
e) deleting Templates takes forever!  One at a time!
f) once a font is chosen, adding text doesn't always "keep it"
g) the pixel/point gap from 18 to 24 is ridiculous in fonts
h) even the "eyeball" sample doesn't keep font justification correct
i) blocks cannot be properly aligned or "set" relative to one another
j) line spacing is non-existent
k) font attributes, like uline or italic - and text alignment - are often "lost"
l) space between words is often "reset" when leaving editing
m) font justification is often forced for a block when you want only one line in the block
n) there is no font color control in the "subhead" area at top of template
o) text over graphic is poor at best with no control of font attributes
p) margins are controlled only by padding with no allowance for left/right or top bottom differences
q) links created in "editing" have different attributes than those created in "layout"  ("Drop image here" autofill)
r) uline COLOR is altered when color is used elsewhere on text in same line
s) in any category for images, there are no names (to determine origin - or preference)
t) image categories that are "emptied" are not always deleted - then cannot be reused!!!!
u) when saving template, you never return to the "page" it came from!

Whether you or I will ever see improvements will be learned over time, which is exactly that which I'd prefer not to waste ... hoping.


Good luck on your request.