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on ‎07-12-2011 07:00 AM

Option 1: I would use CompanionLink to sync with Outlook. Then use Blackberry Desktop Manager to sync with Blackberry


Option 2: I would upgrade to CompanionLink Professional. Then have it Sync to Both Outlook and Blackberry via multiple sync profiles. If you need to purchase CL Professional, Click here to Purchase.


Feel free to contact me by visiting My Website if you have additional questions or would like assistance setting a solution to this suggestion.


Thanks Chuck

on ‎07-13-2011 09:57 AM

Thanks - I am a Companionlink Express customer and have used it until recently as you describe.


It's not working with the 2012 beta - so I am syncing with Outlook and then to the Blackberry.  Works just fine, but I'm missing my notes.  It doesn't seem like to complicated a change to enable notes from ACT to sync to the memos section of Outlook.




wvp wrote:



I have Act set to sync a contact set of about 150 and calendar items with Outlook.  I'm syncing these afterward to my Blackberry via blackberry desktop.


Previously I used Companionlink to sync Act directly with my Blackberry.  It will sync contacts, calendar data and notes from my record in Act, if they begin with a *.  I find the ability to sync notes extremely helpful!  Would it be easy to have this function added to Act itself as it sync's with Outlook to sync notes marked with a * to the memos section of Outlook?


Another feature I would find extremely helpful would be the ability to OVERWRITE Outlook contact and calendar data from ACT.  Or, in other words - one way sync from ACT to Outlook.  This will enable me to have personal items in Outlook and on my Berry that are NOT sync'd to ACT.  Might also be helpful when ACT sync with Outlook goes off the rails and stops syncing items.




on ‎09-15-2011 03:14 PM

i will do everything in my power not to give companion link any more of my money.

their customer service policy is terrible for road warriors.  you are not able to get a tech upon demand. rather you must be available at a certain time they call you. if you are on the phone when they call and mis their call, you must start the procedure all over again.


if i had the same policy in my business i wouldn't be in business long.  unfortunately they are the only game in town.


i am now syncing directly between act and outlook,  copying my important notes and pasting into outlook until a better solution comes up. if i need to sync with google, i am creating a csv file in outlooks and importing from google.   it's cumbersome but worth not going back to companion link.