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on ‎02-27-2019 06:24 PM

Hi George, 


We have just updated to V21 Web and are trying to get Act Companion to work for us.


Because of our tight IT security arrangements we are trying to run it through an enterprise  VPN.  Did you guys do the same?  If so, would really appreciate what setup you put in place.




Paul Vassallo

on ‎02-28-2019 05:49 AM



Currently we do not have any VPN's set up for my company. We worked with a third-party consultant who set up our ACT install and a second company who administers my office server. I had to purchase an SSL certificate for my website and have my server guy set it up. If you have an ACT solution provider I would recommend getting in touch with them for Companion setup and integration.


I will say that I am a bit frustrated with the lack of interaction between Swiftpage and its users. I called ACT tech support to discuss these issues that I am having with Companion, and the technician basically said that we would be better off using Handheld Contact. Of course, Handheld Contact is yet another app that we would have to purchase to have what I consider basic functionality for my remote salespeople.


At this point it seems that we are in somewhat of a holding pattern with trying to train my employees on Companion or deciding whether we want to implement Handheld Contact. ACT doesn't seem too transparent when it comes to app updates and new feature integration.


George Johnston