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by Silver Super Contributor
on ‎10-13-2016 08:27 AM

I appreciate the time that you have gone to in order to create this list.  If you would like it to be more effective you should separate your 60 suggestions into individual posts after checking to make sure that they haven't been suggested before (if they have just upvote that post).  I have added your list to my list of ToDos for addons.  I realize that you would like to see these suggestions in the native program but historically when an addon has proved to be popular the current owner of Act! (Swiftpage today) has implemented some of those addons in the native product.



on ‎10-13-2016 08:30 AM

The Development Team has pulled all of these ideas down and have started to inventory against what is already on the roadmap and adding to where appicable.  No need for 60 seperate posts.  :-)



on ‎10-13-2016 08:59 AM

Hi Stan and Rachel, Who or what is Permalink?

on ‎04-28-2017 06:29 AM

Rachel, has there been any update to my ideas on these 60 plus features for 2018?