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how can I increase my email OPENING RATE

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how can I increase my email OPENING RATE

Hello again,

here goes ...

I have 13k contacts that i regularly send out an email blast to,  usually once a fortnight  and I am very concious of keeping them relevant  and each one different enough so as not to get boring  and always with a different weekly "special offer".


last year  my average open rate was 13%

I have just started sending again  (after a 2 month lapse)    and my open rate   is once again around 13%


My database is VERY up-to-date - any bounces, opt-outs etc are removed from my database as soon as they happen.


any suggestions -   HOW can I get a good increase to my OPEN RATE ?


Thanks in advance

Russell from Melbourne

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Re: how can I increase my email OPENING RATE

1. Good headlines.

2. Good content.

3. Give context.

4. Be consitency.

5. Do A/B testing.


I'd suggest googling and reading Seth Godin, Chris Brogan & Kissmetrics.

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Re: how can I increase my email OPENING RATE

As you are wanting toi improve your opening rate, then you ned to ensure you use a killer subject line. I agree with the previous poster that good content is very important but that doesn't help you as your potentials aren't even opening the email.


Check out some excellent tips from Mailchimp


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Re: how can I increase my email OPENING RATE

Segmenting your contacts and providing useful information to each group will increase your open rate greatly.


  • Listen to what the readers want. Analyze your reports to see if cetain type of content are more popular and tailor your messages with similar content.
  • Send follow up emails to contacts that have opened your last email markeitng send
  • Send more 'educational' information to customers - you may be sending them information they are not finding useful

Are you making follow up phone calls with the people that ranked 'high' on the call list?  Don't forget to follow up!  Keep any insights found during your conversation in the CRM system to help segment your contact list even more.



Julie Cooper
Success With CRM Consulting, INC.