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Template distorted after import into Swiftpage editor

Nickel Contributor
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Template distorted after import into Swiftpage editor

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We are having email distortion after uploading an email template created in html.


We are using ACT 2012 Prem, client processes new html templates as follows:

1) adobe indesign template created and saved as html

2) uploaded template to SPE

3) half the content appears not in tables


The template has three tables with text content but when its imported the data is not formatted the same.

Any ideas where to look first?






[edit: Subject updated]

Alanna Galiano

Emerging Technologies Inc.

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Re: Template distorted after import into Swiftpage editor

As a general statement, there can be a difference in the way the HTML code is interpreted...


First, I would look at the actual size of the image.  It appears to be placing the image in 'actual size' opposed to a defined size.  Create a copy of the image, reduce the size, add to template to test.


Second, it also appears your the footer isn't recognizing (or doesn't have) an 'align=center' coding, along with updated font size.



Greg Martin
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Re: Template distorted after import into Swiftpage editor

It's pretty much impossible to diagnose without seeing the code. Are we allowed to have a link to the template so I can view the source?


I also wouldn't design something in indesign then save as html. How have you done this, converted it somehow? I'm not saying it's wrong but HTML email design can be a very fickle process and if not done correctly will completely mess up in some email clients.


Email templates need to be written correctly in order to display correctly in all the different email clients.


It's safe to say if I saw the code I could fix it although unfortunately not for free. I do have a web development business that design, code and manage numerous email campaigns every day so would certainly be happy to take a look for you.



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Re: Template distorted after import into Swiftpage editor

Incidentally, is the email itself all one lot of images and text ie. no hyperlinks (other than the 'click here' at the bottom)? if so the quick (wrong for a number of reasons but quick) way to do it is to simply save the whole thing as .jpg or .png then embed that into the email and hyperlink it to wherever the 'click here' link links to.


The email body itself would then be one whole image which the user can click and it will go your desired link.


NB. i wouldn't recommend this though


The main issue with this (other than breaking most of email coding's best practices) is if a user has images disabled on emails they would be peesented with just a blank canvas when opening your email probably completely missing the 'click here to download images' option at the top.


I use indesign a lot but didn't even realise you could export as HTML. I do doubt though that by doing so you are left with something that is compatible and ready for importing in and using on a campaign. It is probably 'ok' for web use but HTML emails need to be coded in a certain way with tables and inline css (email clients still live in the dark ages) and need a fallback text option for anyone who has HTML disabled in their client that's without even getting to the media queries to make it responsive....


It is a tricky business coding for email which takes many web companies and designers a long time to master.