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Template changes itself - no warning before distribution

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Template changes itself - no warning before distribution

As an already irate customer because of being forced to pay for an extra service (e-marketing) as the mail merge function of ACT doesn't work (grrrrrrr!!), I now find that the e-marketing system seems to have problems.


I edited a template this afternoon, and then sent a template test to both two different e-mail addresses to make sure everything was OK.  It was.


I then distributed this communication to the opt-in mailing list for our 'Monthly Sales Tip', with a copy going to me also.


Now the spacing between lines has changed, and the words "Enter text here" have appeared above the sign-off.


What on earth is going on?!  Does anyone know why the system makes changes AFTER a template edit and AFTER a template test has been completed?  Is there any way of predicting this?  We've had other problems with ACT e-marketing, and the standard & quality of what we're distributing now to our customers is simply not good enough!



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Re: Template changes itself - no warning before distribution

Hi Tim,

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with your template.
I have escalated a support ticket for this issue. I will send you the ticket number in a private message for your reference.