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Template Categories Not Populating With Available Templates

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Template Categories Not Populating With Available Templates

I recently setup 3 different categories of templates when saving various templates in E-Marketing as follows:


Frank's Newsletters

Tim's Newsletters

John's Newsletters

XYZ Newsletters


Each category has two newsletters in it.  When using the E-Marketing functionality in Premium Web v18, I'm able to see these categories when trying to send a new campaign but the drop down to show which template I want to select is blank for all of them except XYZ Newsletters.  This isn't right since when I login to E-Marketing to look at my dashboard or report campaigns, the templates are there in each of their respective categories.


I'm wondering if this is a refresh issue or whether the fact I named them with an " 's " in the title of the category is impacting the search results.  I tried clicking the button to refresh my templates list but it didn't do anything.


I also notice there's no way to rename the template categories.  


Any ideas/suggestions?



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Re: Template Categories Not Populating With Available Templates

Hi Jag,

I wasn't able to replicate your issue by creating a category with an apostrophe in the title. Working as expected for me.

Please can you PM me with your Act emarketing account email address so I can escalate this issue?