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SwiftPage issue or should I use ACT! emarketing

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SwiftPage issue or should I use ACT! emarketing

I am using Act! Premium Version

Windows 10 and Outlook 2016.


I have set up a Swiftpage account with a Pro service level and a silver level for drip marketing.  

Just signed up a few days ago but is costing about AU$100 a month.

Not terribly impress so far.


If i try to get to Swiftpage from within ACT menu options write/swiftpage emarketing/drip marketing campaign it tries to connect but says "No drip marketing campaigns found ofthat type request".  I can see it trying to get to the account but it stops with that message.




So I have had to upload a list as a csv which isnt ideal and certainly not worth spending $100 a month on.  


Also I see no reference in my version of ACT! Prem anything on ACT! e-marketing.  I would be keen to give that a try.  Is ACT emarketing not compatible with my version of ACT Prem?  


It isnt in the left menu.  act1.JPG


Also the Connections tab is there but when selected its all blank.


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Re: SwiftPage issue or should I use ACT! emarketing

Hi Matt, can I just make sure I understand what you're trying to achieve with Swiftpage emarketing? If you want to use drip marketing, you need to create a campaign first before you can add your Act! contacts to it.


The easiest way to get to your drip marketing campaigns is to go to Write > Swiftpage emarketing > E-mail Marketing, then click on the Drip Marketing tab. From there you will see a button on the right for Campaign Manager. This will allow you to start setting up your drip marketing campaigns.


If you would like some information on getting to grips with Swiftpage emarketing, the following article provides a lot of useful information:


Available Help topics for Swiftpage emarketing


With regards to your second point, the newer Act! emarketing was introduced in version 16.1, so you would require a free upgrade to service pack 1. Please note that if you do want to upgrade, you would need to make sure to upgrade every PC using Act! starting with the server, and making sure to allow plenty time to get all PCs upgraded before you use Act! again.

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Re: SwiftPage issue or should I use ACT! emarketing

[ Edited ]

Thanks for the suggestions Steven.  Something must be glitching as I had created a drip marketing campaign and seem to have followed the set up correctly.  It just wont sync with ACT.  I had to upload a csv list.


I might try updating and give ACT e marketing a try.  We only have a few users so the update wont be too taxing.