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Software gripes from a trial customer

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Software gripes from a trial customer

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Hi everyone,


I have just got off the phone to a customer whom is trying the Emarketing solution for ACT. Currently, her license allows her to send 100 emails at a time.


She created a group containing around 900 active contacts and attempted to send an email to all of these with a single campaign. Of course, it would only send to 100 contacts before discontinuing. Her frustrations started though when she called us and we noticed the following:


1. If a contact unsubscribes from the mailing list by using the UNSUBSCRIBE link on the email, that contact will not receive further Emarketing communications. That's functioning as designed however, the next time they're included in an Emarketing campaign, the contact still has a history item inserted against their record stating that they were sent the Emarketing email. They weren’t because they opted out of receiving them. This really isn't ideal.


2. All 900 contacts had history logged stating they were sent an email as part of emarketing. This is wrong as it only sent to 100.


3. Nothing flags to warn the customer that of the 900 contacts, only 100 will receive an email.


4. There is no failure report. it's impossible to tell who was sent an email and who wasn't. No report in Emarketing exists showing this data and in ACT, every contact has an entry in their history saying they were sent the email. Even though it wasn't.


So now the customer is stuck with inaccurate contact history stating they'd received a mailshot when in fact they didn't. They also don't know which contacts actually received the email and which did not. They don't want to send the email out again in fear of sending to contacts that already received the campaign.


We as a business partner are risking having to access the database to manually unpick the inaccurate history records. There is no data in the history list about this failed campaign.


As I say, the customer is trialling the software after moving from Swiftpage E-Marketing. It's not been a great trial for her so far!


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Re: Software gripes from a trial customer

In Sprint 22 which was finished on the 19th of November the ways sending works has changed if a person submits more contacts then there send limit it will show failure to send in the reports and they will receive an email notifcation letting them know that blast failed because it was over their limit.


The history writing still works the same as it currently does but we do have this on our radar to fix. I understand the difficulties the current design has and we are anxious to have this fixed hopefully in version 17.1 of Act! however I cannot make any promises yet.


Kind regards,


Andy Swiftpage support.

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Re: Software gripes from a trial customer

I can't help but feel that the emarketing module is still a work in progress. The speed to go to my account from within Act itself is so slow it's crazy. Also the interface is just not very intuitive to use.


I have been using Mailchimp (and still will) for hundreds of my customers for many years so I've maybe been a little spoilt in the past due to it's awesomeness with it's API etc. and I thinkAct emarketing has a way to go yet.


Still, it is defnitely going in the right direction.