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Sage ACT - Possible alternatives to E-marketing for large amounts of emails at once?

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Sage ACT - Possible alternatives to E-marketing for large amounts of emails at once?

Sage ACT Pro 2013 - 10 active users

Shared Database

Windows 7 x64 on all local machines

Either MS Office 2007 x86 or 2010 x86 on all machines


I have an office full of computers and people that send out thousands of emails at least once per week. We currently employ Sendgrid's services as an SMTP relay  provider to be able to perform mail merges to send out very very large amounts of emails every week. We currently have a plan that allows 200,000+ emails to be allocated to the account as well every month. The business has Outlook on all the machines as stated above. However, outlook has proven unreliable when used in conjunction with ACT as far as sending very large amount of emails in one sitting.  Now, I have spoken with technical support several times and have come to the conclusion that mail merge is a feature that is reliable up to around 150 email messages being requested to be sent at any one time. This could possibly explain why sendgrid is reporting that several emails requests are simply never making it to them to be sent at all. I have spoken with E-marketing and Swiftpage and their largest email pool plan starts at 1,000 emails and it would cost MUCH MUCH more every month to have a pool of say around 200,000. My question is simple; Are there any other alternatives to Sage E-marketing through swiftpage that are reliable for sending email blasts of say around 15,000 at a time? This could possibly be a plugin that was not licesned by Sage or possibly even another provider such as Swiftpage that could utilize the E-marketing application. Also, if possible I would like the new company to allow some reporting feature so that we could ensure that ACT is sending the emails. 


Thank you in advance for your help.


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Re: Sage ACT - Possible alternatives to E-marketing for large amounts of emails at once?

Swiftpage Engage will be debuted soon, likely in October/November. I can get you set up with access to the Beta version.


Essentially from as I understand, it's going to be its own standalone product by Swiftpage, to be sold and supported alongside the current Swiftpage Connect. With no ACT! integration. 


The No-ACT-Integration makes it useless to me, but since you're considering alternatives anyway, it might be worth a look. It's going to follow a model similar to Constant Contact. You pay per month for how many *contacts* you may upload to their server, then you can send unlimited emails to those contacts as often as you'd like. The pricing is still certainly up in the air, though there are some numbers available. Likely to change.


Not sure how many contacts you have; but you can pay to upload several thousand to their servers, then send your 200,000 to those contacts every single day if you'd like. In theory. I certainly haven't tried this in practice.


Notable mention, the new app does look great. Swiftpage Engage looks leaps and bounds ahead of its predecessor. Call us, or visit and I'll be glad to give you a free preview.

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Re: Sage ACT - Possible alternatives to E-marketing for large amounts of emails at once?

I know this is an Act forum (so sorry swiftpage), but for that number of emails and subscribers I would recommend Mailchimp as that is what it is geared up to do.


Using their API will help make your life even easier!