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Previewing e-marketing template - varies between computers

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Previewing e-marketing template - varies between computers

Using Act! Pro Version 18.0.501.0, Update 7 with Windows 10


I used ACT e-marketing for the first time last week (forced to as the mail merge issue D-04092 isn't fixed yet, but that's another story!).  Not a great start!


Used an ACT orange rosette template, and edited this as required.  Preview looked fine.  Sent a preview version to myself too - looked fine.  Printed this off, and it looked fine.  So went ahead and mailed this to our clients who've requested this newsletter.


Saw on another PC that the e-mail received had an image moved to a different place in the e-mail than intended (below a line rather than on the right hand side of the line immediately above where it should have been).  Having contacted ACT I've been told that in fact appearance may be different depending on the PC it's received on, and they have advised me to send a 'test' to more than one PC.


I wish I'd have known this in advance - we've sent out an e-mail to clients which (at best!) will not help our brand image.  And we've had to pay for the privilege as the mail merge function can't be used - hyper frustrating!!


Can anyone provide guidance please...

* How many different types / sorts of computers should we send a 'test' e-mail to? (Apple, tablets, Windows desktop, etc.)

* And how many different operating systems? (Windows 10, XP, etc.)

* And does this also apply to mobiles, i.e. is an e-mail produced via ACT e-marketing likely to have a different appearance on an Apple compared to a Samsung?

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Re: Previewing e-marketing template - varies between computers

Hi Tim,


There are a few things to keep in mind when editing templates:

Each mail client can potentially interpret the HTML code generated by the template editor in a different way. This is true for every email template designer around, not only Act emarketing. This has been an issue with email clients and web browsers as long as they have existed. In recent years the standardisation has been improved, but there are still issues which can arise. Testing your templates in different mail clients is highly recommended so that any potential issues can be identified. Here's a good article with further information and advice on email template testing.


When it comes to images in Act emarketing templates, for best compatibility, ensure the images are no larger than 600 pixels in width. Length is unlimited.

Note: All images inserted into an Act! emarketing template using a new Image block have a 5 pixel padding on each side of the image, as well as padding on the bottom of the image. Stock templates have images that do not have any padding on them. If you wish to have images without padding, you must make a copy of the stock image block, then replace the image with the one you want to use, otherwise the images will not align properly.


In short:

  • Test on as many devices and platforms as you can.
  • Operating systems generally don't have an effect. It's all about the mail client (i.e. Outlook, Gmail).
  • Some of the stock templates are designed for a more optimal mobile layout. These are designed with the orange phone icon seen below:


These will deliberately display different on mobile devices, compared to desktop mail clients. Again it is worth testing your templates on various different mobile devices whether or not you choose to use a mobile optimised template.