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Multiple Email Fields

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Multiple Email Fields

I am running ACT Premium 2013 with 6 users. I am beginning to use E-Marketing thru Swiftpage and have sent my first email blast. I have lots of married couples that are in ACT as one contact. I have customized the email fields so that I have a 'work email' field, a 'his email' field (husband) and a 'her email' field (wife). It appears that E-Marketing is only using the 'his email' field. Is there a way to have it send to all the email fields, so that both husband and wife get the email. If it is a business contact that only has a work email listed, E-Marketing says that they don't have an email when I try to do a blast of my lookup. What are my options?

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Re: Multiple Email Fields

In my experience, sadly, no. I was helping a client of mine whose database was set up in a similar manner. They had multiple persons per contact record, with spouse's email addresses in an "Email A" and "Email B" field.


We worked for a long time trying to get it through, but it's tough. All there are, are complex workarounds.


Option 1: Export all "her email" and "work email" to a csv, upload it to swiftpage list manager, and send thru the browser client. Send emails to "his email" thru the ACT application. You will only see the results for "his email" in ACT though.


Option 2: Export all of your contact's email addresses and primary info, create a new ACT "sandbox" database, import them as individual contacts. Then use it as your e-marketing database for sending emails. You can then go thru the steps of exporting/importing history from one database over to another.


Sorry I don't have much better for you. If anyone else replies to this thread with a good alternative, I'd be very interested to know!

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