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Large Swiftpage suveys will not import into act

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Large Swiftpage suveys will not import into act


I hope someone can help me. I have put hours into developing some custom fields within act (contact layout) with the goal of setting up nine different swift page surveys to allow our sales agents to register new accounts and then update specific sales information as the account progresses through the product evaluation.

There is a fair amount of data required to be submitted on each of the specific survey forms and between 20 and 30 fields on each. I have completed the first two of six and confirm that I can both add a new contact within act (survey one) and then update this record by completing survey two.

However I have discovered that act simply refuses to import the data if there is a lot of text on any of the surveys. If I put a single character in each field it will update fine but if there is "too much" text in the fields then when I click the button to update act the form simply flashes and it shows that no update has been done.  There is not explaination or failure message.

I would appreciate if someone could expand on this. Currently I'm using a trial account for swift page but on completing the successful trial plan to deploy throughout organisation. But so far I'm very frustrated as I cannot get over this initial hurdle. To give you an idea I have pasted the first two of the six tabs I have added.





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Re: Large Swiftpage suveys will not import into act

When you say 'too much' text, how many characters are you referring to?


You'll want to check your field sizes to ensure they can accommodate the number of characters you are attempting add.

Greg Martin
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Re: Large Swiftpage suveys will not import into act

Thanks for the reply,


I have been informed that ACT has a "limit" to the amount of text that can be associated with each record So I have limited each ACT field to 25 Characters.  However if does not seem to be possible to set any field limits within swiftpage. The problem is that I have no control over what will be entered on the online forms.


As I have detailed with the screen caps the process that I am developing is very complex and I need a software system which is flexible to my requirements rather than dicatating what can be entered.  Some people will submit very little information where others might have loads of text that they submitt


I know I could do this with Filemaker Pro which is far more flexible than Act,  however it is a lot more work and I like Act's Out of the box solution and ability to have templates in Word and outlook integration.


At the moment I need to make a decision about what path to go down and to try to understand whether ACT/swiftpage has the basic functionality I require.


I hope that you expand on this?


Best regards