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Importing HTML files into ACT emarketing

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Importing HTML files into ACT emarketing

I am having trouble importing the HTML files into ACT emarketing.  Honestly, until I have more time, I can't be bothered with getting this correct. I only have 2 or three that I want to import. Is there someone I can pay to do this for me so I can get rolling.


Let me know. Carol 

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Re: Importing HTML files into ACT emarketing

Hi, it is straight forward if you step back and look at it. Presumably you have a .htm or .html page saved as a file? 


If so, just go to 'templates' then if you look at the top right (next to 'Sort by Newest to Oldest') you'll see a small arrow facing upwards. This is the 'import template' button, click this, click 'browse' and select your file then that's it.


If you still want help or would like to outsource any work, I am a web developer who specializes in html email design and have been using Act for a good while now heavily customizing it for a client so I may know a lot of bits that you may not have found yet.