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How do you create a marketing strategy for a small business?

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How do you create a marketing strategy for a small business?

The CEO of the small business I work for wants to invest in me to learn marketing and do it for the company (I work for a local MSP). We've created a pretty decent big picture of things we want to develop long term. I've spent the last couple of weeks familiarizing myself with SEO's, citations, influencer marketing, content creation, marketing strategies for each social media platform, etc. In a way, setting the vision of what we want to get done has been easy. The obstacle I'm running into is what should my day to day look like? I've never done marketing before and up until this point I've only worked retail, sales, and customer service jobs all at the entry level. This has been the first job that has offered some exciting career development and I want to give it my best. I would love to hear what the daily grind looks like for a marketer and any other advice you can offer to a newbie in the industry.

Edit: Just logged in and saw all the responses. Thank you so much for the feedback! I didn't expect to receive so much input.

Edit 2: A lot of your comments emphasized the importance of fresh, non-spam content generation. Should I then spend most of my time creating new content? What do you do when you're a few months in and are hitting walls when coming up fresh content ideas aside from just talking about your company's services?