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How can I insert a table from a spreadhseet?

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How can I insert a table from a spreadhseet?

Is it possible to cut and paste a table form a spearsheet and maintain the formatting, borders, fonts, shading, etc? Right now when I cut/past into a text block in eMarketing it only comes over as plain text. 

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Re: How can I insert a table from a spreadhseet?

No and it wouldn't be recommended either as even if you were lucky enough to get it displaying ok to you, once it reaches your subscribers inboxes, it would most likely be all ove the place.


What you want is a table so it would look something like this:

<td><b>Heading 1</b></td>
<td><b>Heading 2</b></td>
<td><b>Heading 3</b></td>
<td><b>Heading 4</b></td>
<td>product 1</td>
<td>product 2</td>
<td>product 3</td>
<td>product 4</td>
<td>product 5</td>
<td>product 6</td>
<td>product 7</td>
<td>product 8</td>
<td>product 9</td>
<td>product 10</td>
<td>product 11</td>
<td>product 12</td>
<td>product 13</td>
<td>product 14</td>
<td>product 15</td>
<td>product 16</td>

If you know HTML, this will be simple for you to understand, on the other thand you may be lookign at this and thinking it's gobbledygook. If this means nothing to you at all then I would strongly advise having a developer create your marketing emails. Too many people try to do it themselves but unfortunately html email development is an art form in itself with so many rules and hoops that need to be jumped through.