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Emarketing response

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Emarketing response

My understanding when upgrading ACT to the newest version was that emarketing would allow me to make up fliers with the ability for a recipient to click on a defined image or link that would either immediately send me a completed reply image such as: "Plese send me xyz brochure."  This would establish a link and I was told it was at one time available.   After long time on phone I am now told that feature is not available with the current version.


I request that you make such a feature available, as to what use is emarketing if there is not a responce requesting future contact?



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Re: Emarketing response

Hi Tom,


That's a good suggestion and would be appreciated over in our Share Your Ideas board.


What you are tying to achieve is party possible by defining a link in a emarketing template to open a new reply email to be sent by the recipient. Use a mailto link like the one below in the URL feild on a link or button.



If you want to have multiple words in your subject line, you'll have to use ascii blank characters, because regular spaces aren't part of the URL encoding standard, and are therefore disallowed in most URL fields.

To do this, where you want to type the space, hold the left Alt key and type 255 on your numpad. This should insert the ascii blank character on Windows. It's best to do this directly in the Act! Emarketing URL field as copy/pasting these ascii characters can sometimes convert them into regular spaces.