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Contact Activity Report for E Marketing

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Contact Activity Report for E Marketing



I need to generate a report from my Act database which shows which accounts have had notes placed on them since January 2011. Is there a way to do this and then export it into excel?


I think I have Act 2013 if this is any help.



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Re: Contact Activity Report for E Marketing

What Version You Exactly Working Onn



Jeena Adam
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Re: Contact Activity Report for E Marketing

It's not smooth, but I found an ugly workaround. Try this.


In the top toolbar menu:


1. Lookup -> Advanced -> Search on keywords...

2. In the "Search For" box on top type 2011.

3. "Look In": Make sure only "Notes" is checked for which data is searched

4. Run the search, Find Now


This will give you all of the notes recorded in 2011, in the bottom window. You can't really export or do anything with these though, besides scroll through them. Repeat steps with a search for 2012 and 2013 afterwards.


Like I said, it's not pretty. But hopefully, it's helpful, and a step in the right direction. As far as I know there doesn't exist a direct functionality to do what you describe.

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Re: Contact Activity Report for E Marketing

I added a new report into Impact Report Designer v5. The report lists all contacts with notes and you can set the date range of the note. Its a very simple report which can be expanded on. Here is the example.


1) Install Impact Report Designer v5

2) Launch and log into your Act! DB

3) Click on the "Download From Web" icon on the top ribbon.

4) Place a check mark in "Contact With Notes" and click INSTALL


Now in your master list of reports select "Contact With Notes' and click on the RUN icon.


If there are any other reports suggestions please let me know.



-- Jim Durkin