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Can't Edit Text Boxes in Layout at all

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Can't Edit Text Boxes in Layout at all

Is there (another!) problem with the e-marketing tool?


I'm trying to edit a template - when I click on the part of the template I want to edit (editing words) the tool bar does not appear - it's somewhere further 'up' the page.  When I scroll up to find it, it disappears totally just as soon as I take the cursor off the scroll bar!  So it's not possible to add a hyperlink or anything else!


Is there a reason for this?  It's happening in both Google chrome and Microsoft Edge...


It drives me nuts by the way when hyperlinks suddenly start to appear underlined when they've not been created like that and were previously OK, and when previously justified left lines suddenly justify centre!  But I've learned to keep checking and re-editing to cope with these problems!

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Re: Can't Edit Text Boxes in Layout at all

Hi Tim,


I have seen this issue in the past although where you can see it while scrolling up the page is new to me.

While Chrome should work fine I would not recommend Edge presently. Would you be able to try in Internet Explorer to see if the issue occurs here?

I would also recommend resetting Cookies/Caches and then fully closing the browser as in the past I have seen this resolve issues.


Please let me know if the issue continues.