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Act Emarketing view in browser problem

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Act Emarketing view in browser problem

Hello, I'm new at my company and having several problems with act... Currently the main one I want to fix is "view browser in email" at the top. No matter how long I make the subject line or add text to the left of view in browser, it still displays view in browser in the email preview. Not only that, it also starts showing the aemaps url behind it. Ideally I would like to be able to just have the subject shown with no email preview, or be able to actually show the preview correctly. 


In addition to this, all of my emails on mobile are not centered and are flush right on the page. Meaning if I have a border around the email then it will display a small white gap to the left side, but on the right it will run all the way to the side of my screen. Using an Act Template that I just added some images and text to.


Any help would be appreciated! I can't find any answers to any of these or my numerous other problems!

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Re: Act Emarketing view in browser problem

Hi dergross,

When you say, it displays view in browser in the email preview, where exactly are you seeing this? Is it in your mail client after sending a test email? A screenshot might be useful to see what's going on.

What mobile mail client are you seeing this centering issue with?

Unfortunately, every mail client can interpret and display email styling differently. We try to maintain compatibility with the most common clients.