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Act! 2010 w/Swiftpage - E-Marketing History is funky

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Act! 2010 w/Swiftpage - E-Marketing History is funky

When I view a contact who is part of an email campaign, and I click to see the E-marketing History under the Marketing Results tab, it does not display the information correctly.  Nothing appears next to "Opens:" or "Clicks:" even though this contact DID open the email and click...according to Swiftpage's online reports.  It DOES display the correct Submitted Time, Subject and Template


How can  get it todisplay Opens and Clicks?




Brian Myers
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Re: Act! 2010 w/Swiftpage - E-Marketing History is funky

The History items for your E-Marketing campaigns do not get updated automatically. 


Here are the steps to get the Marketing Results history items updated:

- click on the Write menu > select Act! E-marketing > select E-mail Marketing option (or click on the Act! E-Marketing icon next to the layout selection field)

This will display the Act! E-marketing screen

- click on the Results tab

- put a check mark in the boxes next to the results you would like to apply to your database > click on Submit

- a window will then appear telling you how many updates will be applied > click Yes

- it will update the database and give an additional window confirming the updates

Greg Martin
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Re: Act! 2010 w/Swiftpage - E-Marketing History is funky

I have a very similar problem. When I apply the results of our drip marketing campaigns and email blasts to ACT, I can see results in contacts' history section but nothing is ever added to the "marketing results" fields.


In addition, if I try to create a call list on the Swiftpage site, the only campaign that ever shows up for me is the "sample" campaign.