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AMA Feature requests

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AMA Feature requests

Now that we have been using Act Growth Suite for a few months, we have come across some short comings with AMA.  Here is what we'd like to see improved upon:


- Links do not work when previewing a template.  In order to confirm that all links work, we have to send a test to ourselves.  It would save considerable time if the links worked in preview mode.


- There is no tables option in the editor.  We have been creating multiple rows with multiple columns to create a table look but if the table option was available in the editor, it would be much easier for our template designs.  The end user of Act and AMA is not computer savvy and using HTML is not favourable.


- There is no option to move an uploaded image in our image library.  We have to navigate to an appropriate subfolder before uploading an image and often the images are uploaded to the incorrect folder so we have to delete, move to the other folder and re-upload.


- There is no rename option for uploaded images in the image library.  After uploading an image, it would be useful to be able to rename the image files.


- Tabs are not supported in the editor.  We'd like to use tabs to list thing together within a text section.


- It would be neat if we could put a row within a row.  This would allow us to have say, 3 columns and in one of the columns we could insert 3 more columns within just that one column.


It would be great to see these items implemented in future updates.