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AEM down?

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AEM down?

Our campaign has been in queue all day and support says lots of them are there. is it "constipated' - please update us when it will be back sending.

Patricia Egen
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Re: AEM down?

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Hi Patricia,

Yes, there is currently an issue where some sent campaigns are being queued for long periods of time.
This is currently under investigation and our development team are working on it as their highest priority.

I'll post an update when I have more news.

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Re: AEM down?

AEM has now been down since Monday, we've tried to escalate and chase but feedback has been woeful.


It's not possible to even log into the platform.


The login screen does not indicate any system issues.


One of clients income survives on using email marketing - we've recently moved her to Act! and AEM combined - and they are unable to send emails, one campaign has been stuck since Monday, She has had to revert to Constant Contact and may well now move to Mailchimp and use a plugin - all very sad.


Based on this and other performance issues of the AEM platform we'll have to think long and hard about recommending it to anybody. 

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Re: AEM down?

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Hi All,


I've received an update from the AEM team.
We are making progress towards a resolution for this issue. It appears that sends of 750 contacts or less are being processed correctly at this point. If you have a larger send and are willing to break it up into groups of 750 contacts or less and queue it again, then we can likely process the sends. Please note that you must have requested cancellation for any pre-existing queued sends before attempting this workaround.


If you have any queued sends you need to cancel, please contact our support teams via the usual phone numbers.


We are aware that the log in speeds are currently being affected, however log in should still be possible, but may take longer than usual.


I must apologise for this inconvenience. I assure you we are not underestimating the impact this is having on our customers, and that we are working on getting the service back up to 100% as quickly as possible.


More updates forthcoming.

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Re: AEM down?

Hello everyone!


We've received another update from the AEM team. The issue is now resolved.

Elise O'Pry
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