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AEM Opt Out - Opt in only

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AEM Opt Out - Opt in only

Our business is from the UK so we need to comply with GDPR

When we receive a customer's information we need to ask for their consent to market (marketing is opt-in) however I cannot see any way to opt them out if they do not give us consent to sent them marketing? The AEM Opt Out is obviously greyed out - so is there a way around this for when we are adding new contacts?



Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: AEM Opt Out - Opt in only

Technically, you can't opt them out.  THEY have to choose Opt Out on the email.  This updates the Act! Emarketing Server.  At that point, you cannot Opt them back in.


There is a yes/mo field in Act! that is created by AEM called AEM Opt Out.  You can add this field to your layout so you can see and adjust the field but the field is typically updated via Emarketing menu > Update Emarketing Campaign History.


Scott A

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Re: AEM Opt Out - Opt in only



As I've said above, the AEM Opt Out is greyed out. You can't do anything with it. It's a really pointless adition, also it doesn't update correctly as 90% of the people I have marked as "Opted out" actually come under AEM Bounce Back according to Act once I import them, so we still have no idea whether or not they've actually opted out on their Contact Details.


We'll be moving to another non-Swiftpage product that actually allows both us and customers to make this choice on taking their information, thank you.

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Re: AEM Opt Out - Opt in only

Hi Kalled,


Thank you for the inquiry regarding GDPR and how you can ensure that you are only sending to opted-in contacts once the legislation goes live in May.


To ensure that you are only sending to opted-in contacts, you could create a new field titled "GDPR Opt-In" as an example, during import. You can put these contacts into a group and select when scheduling your email campaign. This way, you have segmented those contacts from the rest of your database and should not be in a position to violate GDPR.


One question I would have is, how do you plan to request consent from your contacts? 


Feel free to reach out to me directly with any additional questions/concerns.




Ben Bauks
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