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AEM Bounce Back

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AEM Bounce Back

Can someone please explain to me exactly what it means when this "AEM Bounce Back" box is checked on a contact? Does this mean that all emails to that contact have bounced back? Or just at some point an email has bounced back? The last email sent bounced back? I'm just trying to figure out how to manage these email addresses....Do the bounce backs get removed from the lists so they don't get sent and bounce back every time? Or should I manually be removing them?



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Re: AEM Bounce Back

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I think the best way of answering this is to link you to the Info video on this feature.


My understanding is that any bounce back will tick this box and that would make sense as it will normally continue to bounce.

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Re: AEM Bounce Back

That link is out of date.


Now you can click the graphs to view the individual results including what the Bounce error is.

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