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ACT E-Marketing Copying Blocks between email templates

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ACT E-Marketing Copying Blocks between email templates

Is there ANY way to copy certain blocks into new email templates??? There are some blocks that I'd like to use in all of my eblasts (the bottom portion of most of my emails, contact info, disclaimer, logo, etc). Why isn't there a way to save certain blocks and use them when creating new emails? It is EXTREMELY cumbersome to have to re-create these blocks every time I start a new email. 


And I have tried to just use an old template and "Save As" a new one, but the formatting of the rest of the email ALWAYS gets screwed up and I end up doing double the work because I always just have to scrap it and start all over from scratch. 


There's got to be a better way....

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Re: ACT E-Marketing Copying Blocks between email templates

Hi Rachel,


There's no way currently to save a block and move it between templates. It's a good suggestion though, it would be worth submitting it as an idea in our Share Your Ideas board.


To achieve what you're looking for, I would create a barebones template with only the content block that you want in all your templates, and then save that as a new template. When you come to create a new template, open this and 'save as' a new copy, then add your new content blocks above etc.