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Act! Developer's Forum

Ask technical questions, discuss code snippets and gain insights into the Act! Software Development Kit (SDK).
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Act! Developer Downloads

Enhance Act! functionality with new and exciting downloads
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The Blog Vault

Delve into our most viewed blog articles previously posted by members of the Act! development team.
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Act! Premium Web API

Discussion Forum setup for evaluating and developing against the Act! Premium Web API

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Act! Developer’s Lounge

The Act! Developer Lounge is focused on the Act! architecture and technologies. Created for the IT manager and/or developer and the end-user who wants to learn more about what makes Act! tick, the Act! Developer Lounge focuses on communication and collaboration though blogs, forums and downloads and more all at your fingertips.

All downloadable documents posted in this forum are subject to the Licence Agreement.

A copy of the licence agreement is also included as a Licence.txt file in the Packages.

By downloading any document, you are acknowledging acceptance of the license terms.


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