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RSS Feed Reader Guide

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RSS Feed Reader Guide

RSS Introduction

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a commonly used web syndication format that allows for delivery of content feeds for information ranging from news to multimedia files. RSS feeds may be accessed via an aggregator (or reader). There are a wide variety of aggregators available, and many web browsers even provide built-in support for RSS feeds. The ACT! Community Forums offer a variety of useful and easy-to-access RSS feeds for content in in the community!

Accessing RSS feeds

RSS feeds are available in four locations in the community, depending on the type of subscription desired. These are:

  • Forum

  • Thread

  • Search

  • Tracker

Below, you will find information on how to access these feeds.

Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox browser provides support for RSS feeds though what are known as "Live Bookmarks". Live Bookmarks appear in your toolbar or Bookmarks menu just like regular bookmarks. When a RSS feed is available for a page, the icon will appear on your browser. The easiest way to add a Live Bookmark in Firefox is by clicking on the icon located in the status bar for older versions of Firefox or in the address bar for later versions. After clicking on the icon, select the menu option that reads, "Subscribe to 'RSS 2.0'..." You will then have the opportunity to name the bookmark and select the desired location for your bookmark. When you're finished, click "OK".

Using a Live Bookmark is very similar to a regular bookmark in Firefox. Click on the Live Bookmark to open up a menu containing the RSS feed content. There you will see a list of message subjects. Clicking on one of the message subjects will bring you to the selected message on the forums. To force a refresh of the Live Bookmark content, right click on the bookmark and select "Refresh Live Bookmark."

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 7.0 also provides built-in support for RSS feeds. To subscribe to a RSS feed, click on the icon located on your browser's toolbar. This will bring up a page for the RSS feed. Click on the link that says "Subscribe to this feed." You will then be able to select the name and the location for the feed. When you are finished, click "Subscribe".

To view your subscribed RSS feeds in Internet Explorer, select the "Tools" menu from the toolbar. Then navigate to "Toolbars" and select "Feeds". Alternately, you may press Ctrl+J to toggle the Feeds toolbar. Once the Feeds toolbar is open, click on the desired feed to view the content for that feed. Feeds with updated content are shown in bold lettering. Additionally, you may right click on a feed and select "Properties" to change various feed settings.

Readers and Aggregators

In addition to Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, there are a number of widely available readers and aggregators that will allow for the viewing of RSS feeds from the Community. To obtain the URL for the feed, you may use the following methods, depending on the desired feed:

  • To access a forum feed in order to see recently created threads, browse to the desired forum, click "Board Options" and then select "Subscribe to this board's RSS Feed"

  • To access a thread feed in order to see recently created posts in a thread, browse to the desired thread, click "Thread Options" and then select "Subscribe to this message's RSS Feed"

  • To access a feed for the results of a search, execute the desired search, click "Search Options", and then select "Subscribe to this search's RSS Feed"

  • To access a feed for a member's tracker, browse to the desired tracker, click "Tracker Options", and then select "Subscribe to this user's RSS Feed"

Some popular RSS Readers/Aggregators are:

If there are any suggestions or corrections, you would like to make, please PM any of the moderators of the forum.