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New To ACT

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New To ACT

Hi - I am new to ACT and am working for a non-profit and am trying to setup the ACT database and converting Access Db contacts to ACT!


I had some basic questions as I convert to ACT, I am not using Hosted Sage ACT, am usingSage ACT! Pro 2013 Version


1. Is there a way to ensure that I do not have duplicate contact records - I have 3 email addresses per record and want to ensure that no other records can be entered into ACT with either of the 3 email addresses. How can I do this? 


2. I know I need to use SAGE e-marketing for sending out newsletters to all or some of my contacts. BUT - how can I include "unsubscribe" or "modify contact details" link in the email and if any of them are clicked it sets unsubscription flag or modifies their record in ACT directly?



3. Also when I add a new contact, I want an email to go out to the recipient welcoming them (and also validates to see if the email address is valid). If email address is invalid then it should not added to the database. HOw can I do this? 


4. We have our non-profit website where people subscribe through the website - how can this be linked to ACT! so it can update my ACT database directly? 


thank you in advance