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New Post scrren links

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New Post scrren links

Some comments regarding the new post dialog:

  • It seems to take longer to open the component in IE7, making it slower to post. Maybe look at making this an optional ActiveX control that would already be installed locally?
  • When adding a link, there is a file "Title" - using that field will make the post not work as it sees it as illegal HTML
  • Could the link function default to "New Window" rather than "Current"
  • After adding a link, it seems to highlight the same characters following the link rather than the link itself
  • Be nice to force an auto specll-check with every post
  • Also, be nice if the default was only left-justified, not left-right which looks bad when adding URL that get bumped to the next link and expands the text before it.

Other than that, some of the recent changes have been quite good... especially the thread subject in the Subscription Emails

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Re: New Post scrren links



Thanks for the feedback.


Glad you like the updates. I'll pass these suggestions along on the new post dialog.