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Forum for New Issues/Bugs/Fixes

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Forum for New Issues/Bugs/Fixes

I would like to suggest a Forum within the Community to place common problems that are arising specific to an ACT! Version  which can quickly highlight issues which are affecting Users and their ability to manage their database content.


At present there are a few Known Problems with various versions - some with Work Arounds and others that while perhaps not critical show stoppers are causing problems for Act Consultants and Users with no clear guidance from the KB.  Looking up the KB for the Error Message does not find the message let alone the answer.  Sometimes the KB is focused on a key word and produces a result coveriung almost the entire KB ID list.  It is not User Friendly!


Some are integral problems to ACT! - others appear to be generated by Microsoft Updates and/or issues with integration of WIn 7 or Office 2010


Typically there is the Problem associated with the Calendar / Date Time Setting in some parts of the world that has not yet been addressed in a Patch nor included in the KB  - but has now been remedied through a workaround   to change the Time Option from a.m./p.m.  to AM/PM.   - there were several threadsin the Community Forum addressing the same issue but not necessarily linked to a common thread.


Another recent Bug to appear is the missing History Tab options when an ACT! 2011 database is created from a copy ( Empty or Otherwise) - This is the   "  InvalidArgument= Value of '-1'  is not valid  for 'index" - Parameter name "Index" issue".


I have found that creating a new database on the same workstation will benerate a database with all features in place.  Only problem then is to use the client view  template  and recreate the fields in the database before importing a CSV Version of the database.  It does not address the issue of the missing history.


We need a single reference point rather than hunting through the many posts to find the issues and "what" action is under way by Sage Support expertise for guidance or a Quick Fix to help the Users.