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Feature Requests

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Feature Requests

  • Ability to add limited HTML to the BIO section for formatting. That way I can include some comments on what is ok to send me via PM.... EG about half I reply to post in the forums and, if not answered in a day, send me the URL of the question. Very hard to read now as all one paragraph.
  • Make the URL/Web field visable to others (everyone, friends only or hidden - user select)
  • Signature for email
  • Able to have a macro with HTML that can be selected from WYSIWYG (ie not having to go into HTML editor)
  • Preference - always check email before sending
  • Add optional system specs to profile - ACT! Version, OS, Browser, PDA or cell phone model, Accounting software, other software, hardware, network. Make it easy to pop this up from post. How many times does a reply just ask for this. Also useful for getting stats on what users have for product direction decisions and beta offerings
  • Optional Social Media and IM IDs - Twitter, LinkedIN, Skype, Live Messenger (user select visable to all or friends or Hidden). Will help to build this as a community... maybe also use it as part of the social media connection for a future version of ACT!?

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Re: Feature Requests

Is there a "READ ALL NEW" messages option somewhere? I cannot find it if there is. If not, can there be one? Most modern forums provide such functionality...

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