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ACTShare Your Ideas Forum to prioritize bug fixes and features list

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ACTShare Your Ideas Forum to prioritize bug fixes and features list

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To Sage,

Is there a way to get a list of bugs fixed & minor features posted in Community Forums for ACT 2008-2010 and from what ACT Certified Partners/Consultants (CCC) tell you?


I've noticed a pattern bugs & features still not showing up in new versions. A Sage Rep. said I should suggest my ideas such as the Share Your Ideas Forum being more dynamic.  Have it show a Post to with access to the forum even after Beta has gone Gold and email back to the user who posted the Bug & Minor Features.  Because once Beta Sage does not have time to get them added or changed before going Gold.  This helps Beta Testers make sure it's working or added in the way needed before Beta is out, and we don't' waist our time testing something not done yet.


I understand Sage complex system mostly prioritize Bug & Features based on Kudos count in Forums, Marketing Web Survey and interaction with the +400 ACT CCC.  You need to incentivize the masses to join and to whom reported (Posted) issues in the forum before going Beta since I've seen in Posts a lack of changes in future releases.  Sage Marketing is not interacting back in the forum before setting priorities based on what current customers expect in next Beta. 

Example of a disconnect I believe is the BIG Function buttons in 2010 mostly for simplifying for new customers the usage yet reported by a few current customers not liking it.  Sage was not able to have an option to reduce to a small icon to get back the layout space which was in past versions people were custom to.


Taking that example the current functionality of Share Your Ideas the Kudos count is 14.  Which was easy to find by search keywords "Big Buttons".  I would like the search results to display a column of the forum type after Author and be able to sort by it clicking on column and Omit or Lookup those subjects.


Please make the Share You Ideas more dynamic in interacting with larger number of Users to access a simple view of the prioritize items list for next releases.  Invest personel hours in maintaining forum by removing duplicates and consolidating them to having Sage Development know what we want and can push feed back questions as to what is asked for by the person of that Post and others can respond.


Lastly, the problem with Forums giving a fair overview report of users needs requires more users signed up in the forums which is not likely because many find it hard to navigate or lack the time to feed it for nothing if there's arecord of no solutions in future releases. 

Alternative is emailing to all ACT Customers to login to a Web Survey page that the user must create a forum account, answer one time a series of profiling questions to help a Drip campaign with specific emails to users of a list of bug & features they use and allow Sage to request feedback for prioritize of next release.

Also allow users to enter into their profile and change the check boxes as they use ACT they will user more functions of it.

If over time works it can be expanded for the other Prodcuts


For Profiling a User would check boxes like The IS Contact for XX numer of ACT users in company, box1-remote sites, 2-Uses PDA to sync, 3-Designs layouts, 5-Using Prem Web., 6-Uses reports.

Allow Users to answer what they want rather than complete each page completly wihch would give false not honest profile just to get a bigger discount for answering more questions.  A Progressive % discount based on years as customer for Platinum Care.


Based on Beta's, Sage is racing to get a new tier of prospects each time but are going to loose those you captured by not increasing functions to be more productive of ones time.  Such as why Lookup would ever loose the Narrow or Add option for the next lookup after looking up by All Contacts or by Group record.


Many thanks for reading through this,


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