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[ACT/Web] Creating Notes

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[ACT/Web] Creating Notes

Application:      Sage ACT! Premium (Web) 2011 Version:
Browser:          Mozilla Firefox  vers. 12.0
O/S:                 Windows 2000 Professional, SPK 4
D/B Location:   Cloud

I am new to ACT/Web, however I am familiar with ACT6.
The notes-creation function doesn’t seem to work for me.

I'm in Contact Detail-View.
I activate the Notes tab.
I press the "Insert Note" icon (to the right of the "Check Private" checkbox).
Nothing happens.

The Help doc says...
Add a note (Basic steps)
    From the global toolbar, click Note.
    Select or enter new information, or keep the default information.
You must select one contact or share the note with one group, company, or opportunity.
    In the large text box below the formatting buttons, type the note's details.
    Click OK.

As suggested I tried the Note icon from the global toolbar, but nothing happens.

I don’t see a text box or any formatting buttons.

I also cannot edit existing notes.
Although I can see them in the bottom-right window-pane, I cannot edit them by pressing "edit" on the Notes List in the bottom-left window-pane.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

FYI:  I suspect that the text box mentioned above is a popup.
So checked my Firefox settings and found that popups are not blocked.
I also tested with Internet Explorer. Same thing. Nothing happens.

Question: Are there any other functions in ACT/Web that use this kind of popup?
I would like to check whether my system has an overall problem with Popups from ACT.