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word processor question

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word processor question

i have just loaded parallels on my new Macbook and loaded ACT!2009 and have the database up and working.  my question is can i somehow use the MAC version of word that is not on the paralells side of the MACBOOK as the word processor?  i'm thinking not and before i invest much time into trying to figure out if it is possible i thought i'd ask in this forum.

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Re: word processor question

For mac users, parrellels, bootcamp and vm fusion all allow you to run windows programs in a mac environment. VM Fusion also allows you to place the ACT icon within your Mac desktop. However, non of these will allow you to integrate the Mac version of office with any of the Windows programs including ACT.  You would need to license Windows, ACT, and the windows versions of Office within the windows environment.


As an alternate for some people, we have offered a cloud based windows virtual desktop that can include licensing for all of your windows applications delivered to any internet conected device.  You would pay a monthly fee, but not have to load any windows programs to work on a Mac.  Really great option for shops that are totally mac and want to run ACT and Quickbooks, etc.

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