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what does act.outlook.service.exe.*32 do?

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what does act.outlook.service.exe.*32 do?



For the past two weeks something has been operating in the background of my laptop every day starting about noon and running for several hours.  I cannot figure out what it is.  My IT guy, who is remote from me, says nothing out of the ordinary is running in Task manager. 


Whatever it is completely monopolizes my machine.  The mornings this doesn't happen.  The afternoon slowdown isn't just me being a whiney user, it is a laptop completely preoccupied with some unnown application and is nearly useless to use. 


act.outlook.service.exe.*32 is the item occupying the largest memory chunk in my laptop.  I also noticed today that an application that synch's all Outlook emails and attaches them to Act contacts was trying to run, which I've never consciously authorized.  Shutting off this process seems to help things, but I wonder what it is.  It was in the hidden items part of the system tray and is an obscure looking envelope with an X on it (like it was a failed process).  


Any thoughts here?  Could Act be synching all my emails every afternoon without me knowing?  If so how do I turn this off?