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v6 - reindex and compress wo/opening database possible?

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v6 - reindex and compress wo/opening database possible?

I am trying to convert a database from v6 to v11.  Conversions apparently don't work well on a Vista machine so I'm doing them on an older XP machine.  Have changed the timeout values etc...


Have gone through several different scenarios -- was told to create an empty database and import into it... 20 hours later (4800 contacts and ACT notes back to 1991 in some cases) - the new database is finished creating and works fine while in it. Close it and try to go into it again, and I get an error message >>> the address book found a problem with your database. Please run COMPRESS AND REINDEX procedure and restart ACT... click OK or X to close and ACT crashes - an unknown error caused ACT to shut down.


ACTDiag - remove last opened program index.... but I don't see a way to run REINDEX AND COMPRESS without being in the program... is there a command line way to launch it... I really don't want to go through another 20 hours of importing then running compress and reindex again before closing -- but I will if needed.


I've evaluated the updates since v6 and felt that they were not worth purchasing because of slowing the system down etc... now, I'm irritated that the diagnostics with ACT don't work well enough to make the conversion and I'm being told to have the data fixed by an ACC --- not sure that will happen.  The support from this forum was better than the support from Sage...


Thanks in advance.

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Re: v6 - reindex and compress wo/opening database possible?



You'll need to install ACT! 6.0 to do this.  We have available an ACT! 6.0 trial that you can install to complete the conversion.


How To Acquire the Trial Version of ACT! 6.0