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v20 Pro Update 6 doesn't apply to my version?

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v20 Pro Update 6 doesn't apply to my version?

I am running Act 20 Pro on my PC and on my server PC.   I updated my PC to Update 6 and ran into issues with Act not syncing (again) with Outlook 365.  A few days later I thought maybe I needed to update the server.   I clicked the notification and upgraded as directed but it only upgraded to Update 7.   I clicked the notification button again but it said I have the newest version.  I went to the Act download site and downloaded Act v20.1 Update 6.  When I clicked on the .exe file it said the update doesn't apply to this version of Act.  


Why would the update apply to the PC and not the server PC?  I am just wanting to get my PC to sync again.   


Would appreciate some assistance.   



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Re: v20 Pro Update 6 doesn't apply to my version?

Hello, I suggest before you make a backup of the database on the server, and that you place a copy of that ZIP file on a USB stick or external disk for more security - additionally if you allow your computer to save the password, take note written in a safe place, because not to practice it will forget it.


It is important that the server and the users' computers have exactly the same Act! version.


Server - First the Service Pack 1 update must be installed... CLICK HERE


Then install the UPDATE 6. CLICK HERE


I do not like to synchronize contacts or calendars in Act! and Outlook, or try to synchronize Outlook with other devices to avoid duplication of contacts and calendar activities - that's why I have a remote database with which I can work offline when I'm out of the office, and when I return I synchronize the DataBase through the local network - the Outlook only uses it to send and receive mail - what I do allow is the integration that creates the history records when I send mail to my contacts.


Best regards,






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Re: v20 Pro Update 6 doesn't apply to my version?

I appreciate your help on this.   Act has been complicated and difficult for me since 1999.   I can't believe I have stayed with it so long.  


Why would Act say I already have the latest version if in fact I don't?   You would think if I needed a service pack there would be an indication somewhere.  


Anyways, I am interested in what you indicated about syncing to a remote server.   My Outlook syncs with iCloud but I am thinking you mean something different.  Would this allow me to sync across ACt/Outlook still?   



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Re: v20 Pro Update 6 doesn't apply to my version?

If I have the remote database on my laptop, I do not need synchronization with Outlook, because for me ... Act! is my only Contacts and Calendar manager.


What I mean with the remote database ... is the synchronization between the database I have on my laptop and my server.


Application Synchronization (Act! Pro) Requires Act! to be open on the server during synchronization and the remote database must be inside the Local Area Network  in order for changes to transfer between computers


To create a remote database ...


On the server - open the database by right clicking on the main Act! icon - and using the RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR option


STEP NUMBER 1.   Enabling synchronization and creating a sync set
Before you can create a remote database, you need to enable synchronization and create a sync set. Refer to the instructions below:

  1. Open your Act! database on the server
  2. Depending on your version of Act!, do the following:
    • Versions 2013 and newer: Click Tools > Synchronize Database > Synchronization Panel…
    • Versions 2012 and older: Click Tools > Synchronization Panel
  3. In the Synchronization Panel, click Enable Synchronization
  4. Click Manage Sync Set to create a sync set. For more information on how to creating and managing sync sets, refer to the following knowledgebase article: CLICK HERE




STEP NUMBER 2. -  Creating a remote Database

  1. In the Synchronization Panel, click Create Remote Database
  2. Enter the quantity of remote databases you wish to create, then click Next  

  3. Under Remote Database Name enter a name less than 32 characters long that begins with a letter and contains only letters, numbers, and underscore characters. (do not use special characters or spaces)
  4. Under Location, if desired, click Browse… to select the location where the remote database(s) will be saved, then click Next
  5. On the Select a Sync Set screen, select the sync set you wish to use for your remote database(s), then click Next
  6. On the Database Synchronization Options screen, select whether to synchronize supplemental files
  7. Under Attachments select one of the following:
    • Allow this database to synchronize attachments (YES)
    • Do not allow this database to synchronize attachments

  8. Select a number of days that can pass  (4) before Act! starts to remind the remote synchronization user to synchronize, then click Next
  9. On the Select a Sync Server Connection Screen, Select either Network (inside a firewall)
  10. Follow the directions below based on the method of synchronization you wish to use:

    • Network (inside a firewall) (Act! Pro or Act! Premium)
      a. Verify the Machine Name of the computer hosting the sync server. This will automatically be populated
      b. Enter the Port number (65100) being monitored by the sync server. This will also be populated automatically and can be changed, but is not recommended
      c. Click Next
  11. In the Preview and Edit Remote Database Settings screen verify that the information is correct. If desired, you may change the name(s) of your remote database(s) here. Click Next when finished with this screen
    Note: The Preview and Edit Remote Database settings screen is only available in Act! versions 2010 and newer. If you are using versions 2009 and older, skip to step 12.

  12. On the Build Remote Database screen, choose whether or not to password protect the remote database(s) file(s)  

    Note: This password is different from a database password and cannot be retrieved if forgotten. Ensure that you keep the password somewhere safe, as it will be needed in order to unpack the remote database to the remote user’s machine.
  13. If satisfied with all the settings, click Finish to begin creating the remote database(s)
  14. When completed, close out of the Synchronization Panel
  15. Browse to the location where the remote database(s) file(s), or .RDB file(s) saved
  16. Copy the .RDB file to a media device (USB Memory) for use in transferring to the remote machine


So far the server is working, now with the RDB file double-clicking on your laptop you will restore it (I suggest C: \\ Users \ Public \ Public Documents \ ACT \ Act Data \ Databases) and do the first synchronization test - remember that the database must be open on the server so that the server listens to synchronization ...




Important notes:

  • All Act! users must be using the same edition and version of Act! in order to successfully synchronize
  • Prior to attempting to create a remote database, ensure that you are signed into Windows with local administrative rights. For more information, refer to Microsoft.
  • In Windows Vista and newer computers (Windows 8, 8.1 and 10), UAC User Account Control settings must be disabled during this process. For more information, refer to Microsoft.
  • You must be logged into the Act! database as an Administrator user to create a remote database
  • A unique remote database must be created for each remote user that you intend to synchronize with. This remote contains all the Contacts, Notes, Histories, Activities, and Opportunities specified in the Sync Set.
  • Remote databases should be created from the machine where the Publisher database resides
  • Generally, remote databases can be relatively large in file size. It is recommended that you have some form of removable media, such as a USB Drive or CD to copy the remote database to once it has been created, and use this to transfer it to the remote machine
  • Because remote database synchronization transfers data via network or Internet connection, it may be necessary to add exceptions to your antivirus or firewall in order to establish a connection and synchronize the database. For information regarding using Act! with your firewall, refer to the following knowledgebase article: CLICK HERE


Best regards and good luck...




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Re: v20 Pro Update 6 doesn't apply to my version?

I think the only reason I need Outlook is because I want to be able to send/receive calendar and contact information to/from my iphone.   Currently, if I make a calendar even on my phone it syncs with Outlook via iCloud and then to Act when running.