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upgrade advice

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upgrade advice

Hi folks;


We run ACT 2008 on two pc's at our office.  I have the main database and my boss uses a remote.  We sync about once per week.


I received a special offer to upgrade to 2009.  We have no glaring issues with 2008 and the update pieces I have read about the 2009 version don't seem too specific.


Can someone to has upgraded from 08 to 09 comment on the differences/improvements they have seen?  Worth the $100 upgrade?



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Re: upgrade advice

If you are happy with the version you have then maybe there is no need or desire to upgrade although a couple of items a number of my customers have found of benefit are:


Better integration with office, not that 2008 does not work but the integration is improved with the integration now from within ACT.

Searches allow for doing contains, starts with and a number of other typically advanced searches all the time from the lookup menu.

It stores not just the previous search but the last 9 searches in the Lookup, Previous option.

Definately faster to load.

I had some issues with Preferences not sticking and this seems to have resolved with the upgrade

There is better capability to manage activity types and in the premium version events are better handled

Synchronisation gives a far more descriptive view of what is happening during the process

Support for x64 bit processors


If none of these items are of value to your organisation then maybe you wait until the next version and again consider your options. Given software organisations live or die by their updates I can see why a yearly release makes sense to Sage but does it make sens to every business I am not convinced.


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