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upgrade ACT or go Outlook??

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upgrade ACT or go Outlook??

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I was an ACT user quite some time ago (Act 6.0). My life has changed (again Smiley Tongue  ) and I now think I could use a contact manager.I am essentially starting over - new contacts, new database, etc.... So there is really nothing to be gained from transferring the old contact data base - its essentially a fresh install.  


My first plan was to upgrade to the latest version-11.0 . But then I saw the reviews on Amazon. There is a single review about Act 11 (so-so) , but a lot of reviews about 10.0 - most pretty terrible. Performance is frequently mentioned, but other things come up also. Given this, I'm hesitant to move fowards.


I guess I could stay with Act 6 (but I doubt it will run on my Vista laptop), upgrade to the latest, or start over with Outlook with their Contact Manager. 


Also an issue is that I am a long time Eudora user - currently Eudora Version 7 (the last release) , and AFAIK Outlook doesn't work with Eudora. Act might - but maybe not with this release??


I know this is an Act board, but maybe someone has some insights and could provide an informed opinion. 







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Re: upgrade ACT or go Outlook??

Hello Mark,

Definetly move to ACT !

I am an ACT user since version 1. I´ve being affraid of up grading (from 6 to 11) till some weeks ago.

Following uo all discussions in this forum and several installations problems and so one finally I decided to up grade and, let me tell you, I was taking under surprise when I realised how easy was to install, import and migrate all my previous templates, databases, e-mail account and etc.

I was a bit dissapointed with performance of my previous computer. I was running on Windows XP (in a Pentium IV with 2GB ) with all that old patches, installations that we use to do.

I got a new computer (Core 2 Quad with 8GB of ram and Windows Vista) and ...well, should be enough.

But first of all in this new computer I just runned ACT installation and it working fine.

I also use several add-ons that are working fine. Concerning to reviews in Amazon I believe most of people interested in ACT come to this place and Amazon reviews are for those that do not have ACT yet.

I use ACT with Office 2003 and works fine with Outlook. One nice features is the e-mail attchment "behind the scenes".

As an user I DO recommend.

Hope this helps.

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